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Wednesday, February 21st 2018. | Cursive Alphabet

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You want to save battery and your phone memory ? Check This Way

At this time many people who use mobile phones. Android is the latest technology today. Many of them can not separate themselves from mobile phones. You are now easier to communicate. Because with the help of internet, you can send messages for free. You can even make video calls for free. Then the use of mobile phones for too long and often can make your battery run out quickly. Furthermore, you will find it difficult to find a stop contact. In addition to the battery, there are some applications that make your memory more full. Thus your phone will be slower in the operating system. Is not it very annoying if your phone is getting slower?

Many factors affect battery usage and memory levels. Suppose you enable notification mode on every social media. Of course your phone will always be crowded. Thus your phone never rests. That’s why your battery runs out. Then the main cause is the cache. Each application certainly has a capacity that will take up your memory space. Some applications take up a lot of your memory space. They are spotify, snapchat and line. The third application is a program that uses the most memory of your mobile phone. Several ways to save your battery and memory.

  1. First, turn off your application notifications. Make sure you turn off social media services with notifications. Because your phone will always be on to receive messages. Thus, you should turn off notifications.
  2. Second, avoid or uninstall applications that take up too much memory. When you buy a mobile phone, you have to make some considerations. First, set your goal to have a mobile phone. Do you want to play the game. Do you like photography. Do you want to collect social media. All of these reasons can base your choice on mobile phones. So you can consider the amount of memory, and the performance of the mobile phone. Consult the specifications that best fit your goals.
  3. Thirdly, backup your data and clean your phone memory. If your memory is almost full, you have to move your data. You should move your data to a hard drive or laptop. Thus the phone memory you can use again. If the memory is too full, usually your phone will be slow. Do not forget to check the junk files of each app. Usually junk files are a duplicate of the original file.
  4. Fourth, you can turn off wifi service, GPS and bluetooth. Next you can save battery by turning off the three services. Because your phone will work harder when using these three services. So if you do not need, you should turn off all three settings.
  5. Fifth, you can reduce the brightness of your mobile screen. One part that you often forget is the screen brightness. If the phone screen is getting brighter, then the use of the battery is bigger. In addition, too high a brightness can damage your eyes. Thus you can lower the brightness of the mobile phone when you are not using it. that’s some way to save memory and battery. If you want to find other helpful tips, please check Keliamoniz.com. Feel the benefits.

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